Setting Sail with the Baltimore Water Taxi

If you’re part of the population currently stressing out over talks of summer coming to an end, we’re here to remind you that there’s still several weeks left to soak up the sun and get out on the water. But if you don’t have access to your own boat or know exactly how you can get yourself out on the Harbor, living in Baltimore you have plenty of options that are surprisingly affordable.

Offering far more than what the company name implies, The Baltimore Water Taxi is more about experiencing the Harbor and the various destinations each route hits, rather than just getting you from Point A to Point B (although you can definitely use it for that if your schedule allows for it).

If an aquatic commuting option is something you’re looking for, The Harbor Connector better suits those needs for more traditional schedules, while the Water Taxi focuses more on recreation and unique experiences on the Harbor. 

With just a couple months left in their regular seasons, aside from being a mode of transportation, the Water Taxi’s programs provide a different vantage point to view the Harbor from that you probably hadn’t even considered. 

If you’re a dog owner in Baltimore you know it’s hard to find ways to get your pup out on the water — through a partnership with Dogs of Charm City for special Canine Cruises once a month. These cruises transform the Water Taxi into what’s essentially an off-leash dog park — typically with a theme, that allows dog owners to get their pets out on the water in a safe space. Since the Water Taxi can’t allow dogs during regular business hours, this is a great opportunity to experience the Harbor in a way you typically can’t without access to a private boat. But if you still want a sunset cruise without the hubbub of dogs off leash, the Water Taxi also offers sunset cruises that your fur babies are still welcome to join you on (as long as they’re ON leash). These sunset cruises partner with a local bar or restaurant to provide happy hour specials before the taxi departs for an unbeatable view of the sunset from the water, before returning back to the same location.

If a more intimate and private experience on the water is something you’re craving, you can book an exclusive charter by the hour to literally do whatever you want. Have a birthday to celebrate? A parent retiring? All charters are BYOB opening up the possibility to kickoff an already planned event in a manner that you get to define and plan however you want. One of the many private chart options that you can experience on the Water Taxi includes access to the Sagamore Spirit distillery which departs from the Pendry Hotel in Fells Point before arriving at the distillery for a whiskey and chocolate tasting. 

As of this year, once you’re aboard the Water Taxi you can also purchase a drink card that allows holders to receive BOGO drink offers at participating bars and restaurants, creating an opportunity to take a self-guided bar crawl through various locations in Fells Point. The Water Taxi has also partnered with some notable businesses in the Inner Harbor to provide discounts on various goods that are included with any ticket purchase. 

The Water Taxi’s programs are also dependent on weather (because you can’t have a sunset or canine cruise during a thunderstorm), so check their website before planning a trip and to see what specialty cruises they have to offer each month. No matter which experience you choose, you are sure to have a great day on the water.