Rash Report: Preparing for Demolition

(June 4, 2020) – Our construction crews have been hard at work this week preparing to connect temporary electric service to the Inner Harbor and to begin demolition. Teams from Hirsch Electric and Ruppert Landscape are building a new concrete pad for a new transformer, so that the existing transformer can be removed. Meanwhile, the National Weather Service deconstructed the reporting station near the Maryland Science Center, while Ace Environmental safely drained 1,000 gallons of oil from a tank buried under the bleachers. Second Chance continues to remove bathroom fixtures and cobblestones from the park, which are now on sale at its Russell Street warehouse.

In the coming weeks, crews will be erecting wooden electric poles that will provide power to the Inner Harbor during construction and completing the connection of the new temporary power service. Visit RashField.org and follow our social media accounts for more updates on the project.