Fell’s Point
Dual Use Application


In July 2017 Fells Point commercial properties became part of an expanded Waterfront Management District {WMD}, following an extensive period of consensus building within the community.  As Fells Point property owners were building support for the expansion of the Waterfront Management District which is operated by Waterfront Partnership {WPB}, it became apparent there was a type of property use unique to Fells Point that warranted special treatment.

Currently the WMD only assesses a surcharge on commercial properties, as designated by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation {SDAT}.  Residential properties with 4 or fewer units are exempt.  Through the expansion process it was learned that Fells Point had a number of “Dual Use” properties – properties where the homeowner also operated a small business on the first floor.

This property use was more akin to a residential homeowner occupied property, which is otherwise exempt from the Waterfront Management Authority (WMA) surcharge; however because these properties had a non-residential use on the first floor {even though  the homeowner operated that non-residential use}, the SDAT  classified these properties as commercial.

As a result, Fells Point owners and WPB sought through Ordinance 18-143 a process whereby these affected owners could seek an exemption from the WMA surcharge.

This exemption is available only for properties where the property owner lives on the premises; the primary use is residential; and the property owner/homeowner operates a business on the first or ground floor. This exemption is not intended for or eligible for properties with a vacant first floor commercial use.

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