Dive Into Bond Street Social

Positioned right at the end of Thames Street it’s hard to miss Bond Street Social with it’s massive windows and corner real estate. On a summer night, Bond Street’s exterior gives way to some of the best views of the Harbor through the building’s gaping windows (yes, they open up). But on colder winter nights you can experience the same views — instead of basking in the summer’s warmth, Bond Street lights five fireplaces that keep the space so warm the air conditioning often has to be kicked on to offset the fires’ warmth.

Eight years ago Bond Street opened its doors, designed to be the party, social, space in Fells Point playing heavily on the “social” part of the restaurant’s name. Bond Street had a reputation of being a bit fancy from the outside, but has since experienced a rebirth, bringing back smaller shared plates and a larger focus on shared food and experiences that the restaurant originally held. “We went through a renaissance, we want to get back to what Bond Street is,” says Shane Gerken, General Manager at Bond Street. “The small plates, the sharing, you can have your parties here, your weddings your birthdays, your anniversaries. Everything is very very shareable.”

Describing their menu as, “comfort foods from around the world,” Bond Street’s menu has harkened back to tapas-style plates, at the premium quality food, drink, and upscale casual experience patrons are already familiar with. “We offer a large selection of everything, people can find a little bit of everything. There’s a wide variety — so there’s something you can find here that you know you’re going to enjoy,” Gerken says.

Through this rebirth, Bond Street has made a few appeals to stand apart from the very saturated bar scene in Fells Point.

“When everyone thinks of Fells Point you think of the live music, the dive bars, all of that stuff. That’s why we’ll never do that. That’s what separates us from everyone else,” says Shane Gerken, General Manager at Bond Street. “There aren’t many options in Fells Point in a dress and heels and a blazer.” 

So while you might not be able to find Miller Light on draft, Bond Street is one of the few places you can be out on a Friday night until 2am, then come back that same Saturday morning for brunch.

“Bond Street’s unique in that we do a really great brunch here. And we do a great dinner service, but come ten o’clock, I turn the lights down low and the music up,” Gerken says. And for those who want a more mellow brunch scene, Bond Street’s Sunday Brunch is a bit quieter and more family oriented.

Brunch and DJs aside, Bond Street also offers a corporate Happy Hour on Thursdays, as well as an open bar package on Fridays after midnight, because Fed Hill isn’t the only place you can go out late at night. 

But perhaps one of the more exciting parts of Bond Street’s renaissance is the updates to their menu that will be featuring some classic dishes. “Our newest menu is coming out in 3 weeks,” Shane explains. “We’re bringing back variations of things that have done very well. We’re not putting old items back on the menu, we’re bringing back old dishes with a twist.”

So whether you’re looking for a nice happy hour spot on on the water, or the next place to take your family to brunch, Bond Street has a little something for almost everybody.  

What to Snag from the Menu:

  • Duck Arepas — confit, cooked in duck fat. 
  • Chicken & Waffles — I would put our chicken and waffles up against miss shirleys
  • Brussel Sprouts — there’s nothing healthy about friend brussel sprouts 
  • Tuna Tartare 

What to Drink:

Checkout the restaurant’s extensive bourbon & scotch list, or Wine Wednesdays where all bottles of wine are half priced (yes, that includes the bottles that are even near the $500 pricepoint). 

Upcoming Event You Can’t Miss:

All White White Claw Party August 17th