A Perfect Day in Fell’s Point

Known for it’s live music, diverse cuisine, and beautiful location, Fell’s Point is one of Baltimore’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Perfect for spending an entire weekend on the water or even just for a quick stop for some gelato, the eclectic neighborhood has both hidden gems and well known establishments among over 50 independent retailers. Among those 50 retailers consists of small galleries, record stores, fashion boutiques and eclectic restaurants all along cobblestone streets that overlook the harbor and main square. 

Due to the sheer volume of things to see in Fell’s Point, it’s nearly impossible to create just one idea of the perfect day in the neighborhood, but there are definitely a few key places to start. For the fashion-hunters in your life, not many people know that if you go up a little further beyond the main square and away from the water, you’ll stumble upon several really great small business teams specializing in women’s and men’s fashion. A La Mode Intimates is the self proclaimed “Ollivanders of Bras;” meaning the special attention you’ll receive there is beyond anything you’ve experienced in any chain lingerie store. Further along you’ll find Poppy & Stella with an incredible collection of jewelry, clothing, and shoes. You might just walk out with a whole new look!  Fell’s Point is also home to other fashion boutiques like Hats in the Belfry, Brightside Boutique, and Angel Park.

If clothes aren’t what you’re in the mood for, Fell’s Point is also packed with historical sites including Billie Holiday’s house, The Caulker’s Houses, and where Edgar Allen Poe is rumored to have sipped his last drink. You can also explore the neighborhood through the neighborhood’s newly introduced art gallery tours that happen on the first Thursday of every month. Of the seven galleries in Fell’s Point, each month the shows will vary as the artwork turns over. 

Once you’ve tired of shopping and sight-seeing, where Fell’s Point perhaps shines the brightest is when it comes to the neighborhood’s live music and accompanying cuisine. It’s nearly impossible to walk down Thames Street on any night of the week to hear live music or find a bar that On par with Fell’s Point’ other historical sites, The Horse You Came in on Saloon is over 200 years old and rumored to be where Edgar Allen Poe was last seen (they’re also rumored to have some of the cleanest bathrooms in Fell’s Point, but this hasn’t been confirmed). Along with historical bars, Fell’s Point hosts some of the city’s most diverse cuisine. The recently opened new Broadway Market is home to various restaurants, that are predominantly women or minority owned, including authentic Korean food at Old Boy and Indian street food at The Verandah. For other quick service spots in the area, both Cocina Luchadoras and Ekiben have become some of the neighborhood’s favorites.

As for more classic sit-down restaurants, Fell’s Point has countless casual spots and taverns like Points South Latin Kitchen, Red Star, and Lobo, or more upscale spots like Thames Street Oyster House and Rec Pier Chop House. It would be difficult not to find a spot in the area to please even the pickiest of eaters. 

With over 200 businesses in Fell’s Point, a majority of the businesses have been in the neighborhood for over a decade, which plays a major role in the community environment of the neighborhood. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there’s an undeniable charm to the neighborhood that is overwhelmingly inviting — making it a place to continue returning to in order to find something new every visit.